Thursday, July 17, 2014

No internet...

Hello everyone!!

I greatly apologize for such a delay in posting! We have finally gotten moved into our new home. However, the only internet company that serves this particular area right now wants +$70 a month just for internet! So that's a no go. 

That also means I can't use our computer to post and such. :(
I'm trying this via my phone and hope it will work out. 

We are really enjoying our new home and all the work that goes along with owning a home. Except the grass, or lack of in our case. We HAD sod, but it didn't take root and it all died. So we are starting from scratch. 

Lydia is loving all this space and her toys have been successfully spread everywhere. We are currently watching Frozen, which has been on at least everyday this week. She loves dressing up in her princess dresses and singing "Let it go".  Speaking of princesses, today the library hosted a princess party and Belle, from Beauty and the Beast was there. Lydia was soooooo excited! She loved Belle and crawled right up in her lap and showed off her dress and crown. She just snuggled right up with Belle and wanted to keep going back. 

I wish I could post a picture or two but blogger is not letting me access all of my phone photos. :(

But it was nice to give you all an update and I'm gonna keep taking pictures in hopes that I can figure this out.

Love you all!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Countdown!

The countdown is on folks! The BIG countdown!

As in, Russell will be home in about a week!!!!!!!

We are beyond excited about this, well I am, Lydia doesn't understand what a week means yet. Although when I told her Daddy would be home soon at her new house she said "PLAY, play play play with Daddy at my new  house!" 

So big YAY!!

Another BIG yay, we closed on our house! Which most of you knew but some didn't. 
Mom, Lydia, and I went last week and unpacked most of our things into the new place. Lydia calls it "my new house". She loved finding all her old toys we left behind, it was like Christmas all over again! So much to do and see.

 I had to buy new living room furniture since we sold our couch back in November. This is one thing I do not like to do. Some people love being able to buy new furniture. Getting a fresh start or look. 

I dread it. 

I don't know why. I would rather call up the lady who bought our previous couch and say, "hey! I'm ready for my couch back now."  Maybe it would be different if Russell was here to help and give his input. But we found a set that looks great! 

I can't wait to plop down in that chair  :)

We also had a nice warm day while we were in Norfolk, so we went to the beach of course!

Mom really enjoyed it too!

We are so thankful for everyone's help getting our things moved in. I'm especially thankful for mom being there for it all too. She does so much for us and I'm so blessed to have her as my mom :)

Lydia and I will be heading back to Virginia for the final time this week. Its going to be a long drive but we will make it.

We sure are going to miss being around our family. I'm so grateful that we had this time to be surrounded by our loving family.

Time to get packing!
Love you all 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What we've been up to!

How has a month passed since Lydia's birthday?!
I seriously had plans to get a post up sooner with all the birthday details, time has gotten away from me!

She LOVED her birthday party! She still talks about it today, which amazes me. 
He vocabulary has grown so much. Any time she sees a picture from her party she says "My happy Day". 

I think all the kids were in awe of it all. Of course what child isn't amazed by balloons and cake :)

Our menu included:
Hot "diggity" dogs
Clarabelle's baked beans
Toodles noodles (AKA mac n cheese)
Pluto's potato salad
Daisy's veggie tray

Minnie mouse cupcakes and cake

Pretty yummy!

Ma being funny!
Lydia did NOT think this was too funny and cried because Ma had her "ears" on. 

She recovered just fine. :)

 Present time! She was surely blessed with many things. 

LOVE this Minnie beanie made by aunt Susie! So cute!

After presents we all went outside to enjoy the bubbles that were in the favor bags. 

Lydia is still working on her bubble pouring  blowing skills. 

So in other BIG news!!!

No, I'm not pregnant (it would be noticeable by now). 

We are buying a home! God has blessed us greatly and we feel it to be the right time for us to take the home buying plunge. Lydia and I flew to Norfolk last week and spent some time looking at houses and found one we really love! Everything has went smoothly so far and now we are just waiting on the closing date to get here! 

Lydia did really well on the plane rides. I brought along LOTS for her to do, coloring books, stickers, snacks, iPad, and more. She did get sick on the way back home but we were halfway through the flight so it wasn't too bad (even though I had to wear most of it the rest of the way home). Zofran is our friend now when flying. 

I have 2 girls to chase down so I'll update when I can! Love you all!!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow, Anniversary, and more...

Ok, so I started writing this post last month and never finished it. Life happens that way.
You'll forgive me won't you?

I've changed a few things around here, in case you didn't notice :)

I may change a few more things but I like the new look so far. Do you?! I get bored seeing the same ole look on here, so maybe I'll actually blog more now haha. 

We are having a snow day here today! The snow is so pretty falling. I wish there was about 5 more inches on the ground though. Our ground is barely covered but I know surrounding areas have more than we do. Being next to the river is no help with that, we always get less accumulation. 

Kimber stayed all night with us last night and we have had a great time. She showed up in the exact same pajamas as Lydia was wearing! How cute! Her and Lydia get along so well and play all day long. Having someone around to eat with during meal time helps with Lydia's appetite too. Kimber keeps hugging my leg and saying "Me and Lydi loves you!" Now isn't that sweet :)

I got a MUCH needed haircut today! Ok, so you probably wouldn't notice it if i didn't tell you, but I know it and it feels much better. My ends were getting shaggy and so I got a trim and layers! Very cute and suits me well. I kept my length because I've grown to love having it long. Especially when I actually style my hair. I'm working on learning new things (besides my lovely ponytail or bun).

I have put away my sewing things sadly. My machine just can't keep up with me for some reason and I have knocked the timing off again. (go me) I just had it repaired before coming to KY and now I'm just tired of it having problems. I was in the middle of making Lydia's dress for Russ' homecoming. I could try mom's machine, sometimes simpler machines work best.

(Today's addition to the post)

So Russell and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday! I received a beautiful bouquet lilies (my favorite)! They smell amazing. I sent his anniversary/birthday box to him last month, figuring it would take a couple of weeks for him to get it. Nope, he got it in one week! Figures. So he opened all of his goodies early. I got him a new leather belt he's had his eye on.

Speaking of Birthday's…..Our baby is turning 2 on Sunday!!!
I know you've heard it over and over, but…how, when, why?! I'm not ready for this. Or maybe I am. I'm not sure. Some days I wanna just squish her back down little and watch her crawl. But she pops up and takes off running in the opposite direction when I try. We are planning a girly Mickey and Minnie party. The girl is hooked. I can't wait to get to decorating and making her cupcakes and cake!

It is unbelievable how much she has grown and learned in the past 6 months. She can say a TON of words now. She can put together a few short sentences, sings Ring Around the Roses, LOVES Minnie mouse, playing dress up, reading books, having her hair fixed pretty (big change there), dressing and undressing herself..the list goes on and on. I'm even thinking about (hold your breath)…turning her car seat to forward facing! Ahhhh
I know some would say she is past due but as long as she is in the weight and height for rear facing, why not keep her that way?

Lydia and Kimber are best friends now. They could play all day together and on through the night if I'd let them. Mom and I took them to the Library for Valentine's Day and they had so much fun. They made "stained glass" hearts, sang songs, decorated cupcakes, and listened to Clifford's Valentines Day book.

Most of you know that Taylor and Wendy had surgery Friday morning. I went to pick them up that evening and Wendy was pitiful. She didn't wiggle at all. Taylor on the other hand, you would have never known she had surgery! She walked in the house and immediately started begging for food. She had some masses removed from her gums, so I was a little worried about feeding her kibble. She has had no problems with it. By Saturday afternoon Wendy was back to herself again. Keeping her from running and jumping is a different story. Impossible really!

(that was pre-op)

Well, I'm going to go put stickers on a certain princess castle and wrap a few princesses on horses. 
I sure hope everyone is looking forward to warmer weather, I sure am!!
Love you all!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

How was your Christmas?! 
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you'll know that we had a pretty exciting one. Why didn't anyone tell me that playing "Santa" was so much fun?!

Well, Lydia doesn't understand all this Santa hype anyway. She really doesn't like strangers, especially big hairy ones who try to keep her away from mommy long enough to have a picture made. That's my girl! haha

We woke up and camped out in the bedroom long enough for me to get Russell on Skype. Then I had to carry her into the living room because she didn't want to walk for some reason. 

Blurry, but you get the point. 

Pondering what all this is. 

And what is the first thing she goes for?!…

The dog toys haha! She wouldn't touch anything until the hounds had their presents first. 
Such a giver :)

Then it was all in after that!  

Monkey was sitting in her shopping cart from Granny and Grandad. 

She likes her Kitchen a lot. She likes to put EVERYTHING in the sink (takes after her daddy on that) and then she puts it all in her shopping cart. And repeat. 

Clothes from Auntie Paula and Uncle David!

Trying on Mommy's new running shoes! 

Eating cinnamon biscuits in our new dress. 

Later we had to test out our painting set. I can say that I love that it only works on that certain paper. Mess free! 
We had a great Christmas. I'm sooo happy Russell got to watch the whole thing. Lydia got to show him everything she got. It was ALMOST as if he was here. 

My Children :)

Russell is still doing well. This morning he said it snowed about a 1/2 inch and covered the ground nicely. He loves the snow so I know that made him smile. He has started studying for another pin he wants. I'm glad he has something to occupy his time. He has a lot of down time when he isn't traveling. 

Merry Christmas from Russell!

I have officially made and sold my first diaper bags!! I am soooo happy with the way they turned out and very blessed to have people who are willing to pay me to make them! 

I made them from uniforms, cutting them apart, removing pockets, reattaching pockets….

I think most of you have seen the one that I carry most of the time, it is a lot smaller than these are. These are the size of normal diaper bags with pockets on each side and on the front and back. 

I hope you all have a blessed New Year. I am certainly excited to see the new year roll around since it means Russell will be home this year! 
Love you all!