Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where did I put that? (Plus, It's A...)

Happy Tuesday!

How has everyone been enjoying the Fall weather?! I love it and love the fresh air coming in the windows everyday! Such a blessing!

So without further rambling...

Woohoo! 2 princesses are better than one, right?! Although this one better be a tough one because big sister is already having a hard time being "easy with mommy's belly".

Short legged like her momma :)

We will see who's feet she gets haha

I have a feeling she's gonna look very similar to big sister, but that's OK with me. She was (and still is) a pretty cute baby! 

Lydia came to the appointment with us and did very well sitting still and looking at the screen. She hasn't comprehended that "it's a girl" means a little sister. She still thinks Mickey Mouse can borrow Minnie's dress if he wants, because sharing is nice ya know!

So,  you ever have something laying around, and you keep moving it out of your way only to find it again a few days later? And it keeps turning up no matter how many times you put it away (I think i know who the precious little culprit is)?

 One day, out of the blue, you NEED it! Finally a use for it, Hallelujah! You know just where it is too...


Happened to me just minutes ago. I was walking on the treadmill and the belt keeps slipping to the right. So I turned it off, found the manual to the treadmill, found the specific page on what i needed to do.
Very easy fix, just take an Alan wrench and move a screw this way and the other screw goes the other way. 

Well I've been seeing that Alan wrench laying around for a month now and now its disappeared! POOF, up and vanished. *gives the treadmill the stink eye* you just wait till Russell gets home....

Just wook at dat cute wittle bebe...

Its been too long since since she was that little, but i love her at her wonderful toddler age now!

We took a fishing trip with Russell's brother, Mark and his fiancee. I was nervous on how Lydia would do since she is in love with worms. Yes, "they're so cute mommy" wasn't gonna cut it on a fishing trip when cute little worm is being impaled by a hook and thrown into the water to fight off the hungry fish.

But she loved it! Especially after she caught a fish!

Serious about this.

Gotta jerk it in!

We had to have a little help from Daddy

I love this face! :)

Not so sure about this one. "what is that thing?!"

It was a pretty good day for a first fishing trip though. She wants to go back so that's a good sign!
We will just have to leave the worm mauling to daddy and mommy ;)

Well, nap time is over! (it goes too fast)

I love you all and hope you enjoy!
Have a Blessed Week!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Aquarium Trip and Finding Mr. Turtle

Hello everyone!

We have been out and about here lately with a promotion ceremony, khaki ball, a trip to the aquarium, lots of playground time, and some antique shopping.

First things first, we had our 17 week appointment on Monday and everything sounded great! Baby's heartbeat was in the 150's. The bump IS growing, I've already had to resort to using hair ties on my pants to keep them up. Its a tough life haha.

So Russell is officially Chief Petty Officer Dykman!

We are SO very proud of him and his hard work! This is from the Pinning Ceremony. It was a nice ceremony, all the "new" chiefs came in marching and singing. Then they called them one by one and got pinned with their new rank. 

Lydia was good through the ceremony but when the "Amen" was said, off she took to daddy!

The Khaki Ball is a night out after the ceremony for all the new Chiefs and old Chiefs. They give them plaques and do door prizes, have a nice meal, music and dancing.

There is a bump in that pic :)

So proud of him!!!

The cake, I went with apple pie though.

And then we took a trip here!

I think they were watching sea lions. We all had so much fun here!

There was a turtle in the sunny spot in the leaves. She LOVES turtles!

"Come here fishy fishy"...

So many to see! She liked pointing out the different colored ones.

And touching them! I happily took pictures :)

We even found "Mr. Turtle!"

Our little cutie pie! She was good with walking most of the way, but she did get tired and had to have daddy pack her on the way back through.


After a quick nap ( and not wanting our fun to end) we went to the play ground on base. It is definitely one of her favorite places. Russell takes her there when I have Dr. appointments so she stays occupied.

Oh me, she makes my heart smile.

Lydia and I went to the mall today in search for some tights since Fall weather is sneaking upon us. Since Gymboree is having a good sale I thought we would go there. I should know better, I really should. Me going to Gymboree is like sending Lydia into the bakery. It never ends well. I DID get tights....and maybe a few other things :)

Then I let her play in the kids zone for about an hour. She had 2 breakdowns. First she was on a slide and a little boy kept getting in front of her, sliding down, then standing at the bottom of the slide. Lydia will not slide if someone is standing there. He climbed back up, and Lydia hit her hand on the slide (she was frustrated) and the little boy starting hitting her. Poor girl cried, and of course boy's parents weren't watching. I gave him the stink eye though.

But she had fun and is passed out in her bed now.

At lunch today :)

Well, we find out if baby will be a girl or boy in about 2 more weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement! We don't mind either way and will love whatever God blesses us with.

We love you all and hope you have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm Back and so is The Bump!

I'm finally back with the 21st Century, we have Internet again!!
I know, it's about time but Cox Communications FINALLY decided to offer a better deal besides, $78 a month. 

So we are connected again! I'll warn you, this post will probably be full of pictures (I know ya'll love them) about our happenings in the past and recent too. 

 Kimber and Lydia playing ring around the roses. These two are just best friends. They still chat on the phone at least once a week. 

Doing push ups with Daddy :)

We've had a few trips to the Zoo

Lydia still has a great love for animals and bugs too! The other day there was a gnat flying around while we were eating lunch. It landed on the table and I hit the table and she said "Don't squish the pretty little bug, mommy! He is so cute"  haha, not anymore...

This was from our visit to Montana back in June.

Looking for fish with Grandpapa.

We took a trip to Glacier National Park and it was beyond beautiful!

The water was so clear everywhere, such well maintained part of God's earth.

 We hiked a 2 mile trail and Lydia got lucky and was packed most of the way.

Right before she fell asleep.

 I love the mountains!

This was at the end of our hike! So worth it!

Taking a break with Grandma.

I have tons of beautiful pictures from Montana but for the sake of time I won't post them all. It was a great trip and we can't wait to go back for another visit!

We have also been busy pulling up these from our backyard.
Pecan trees! They are everywhere. And I would mind them if we didn't already have a mature one growing on the side of our garage. Our lovely little squirrels bury pecans all over the yard and then forget them and we get pecan tree sprouts. 

We spent the 4th of July at home in Kentucky. Lydia and Kimber rode in the parade and thought they were big stuff. 

These girls..

make me..


Looking for Granny and Ma.

I also volunteered to teach the 2-3 year old class for VBS this year. Russell was supposed to help but he has been super busy and didn't make it but a few nights. Regardless, it was fun and wore me out!

It was a carnival theme which all the kids loved.

"peek-a-boo mommy"

We've been hitting the library up every week. She loves dancing and singing.

 And the books of course. 

 Always time for an ice cream break when out shopping with mommy. 

So Yes! The bump is back! We are happily expecting #2 and I am 13 weeks. Baby is due March 9th (2 weeks after Lydia's birthday). Lydia still calls it a baby duck in mommy's belly. We had our first Ultrasound and baby is growing fast! Our next appointment isn't until the end of September, so I won't have much of an update until then. Lydia is very excited about being a big sister. 

Or it might be all the cute "Big sister: shirts she got in the mail :)
Either way, the bump is back!

Well I am solo happy to finally be connected with you all again! I have missed blogging and sharing our happenings with you all. Now, my big girl needs a bath and a nap and I've gotta get on that treadmill. Love you all!!!!